NASA Isn't Allowed to Create a Civilization in Space!

It's not in NASA's charter!!!

We will not have a future in space if we follow NASA, because NASA is following a different directive.

Hence, the National Public Space Exploration Co.

We are focused on creating and enabling humanity's future in space.

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Developing our ability to exist in space requires a change in priorities at the government level.

However, this change starts first with the this is your investment and it affects you and your family's future.

Space exploration needs to pay for itself. A civilization in space needs to be financially self-supporting...we just don't have enough tax dollars to do it any other way.

But this has never been the focus of our national space efforts.

With your support, we can work with leaders in government to make appropriate changes, so that space exploration is a benefit...not a bottomless tax burden.

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The National Public Space Exploration Co.